National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, Inc.

Our Story

NAHUC is a membership association, and is currently the only professional association for health unit coordinators and those performing the duties ascribed to health unit coordinators under different titles. The NAHUC Board of Directors and all committee positions are staffed with volunteers who are either elected by the membership or appointed by the NAHUC President and approved by the Board of Directors.

NAHUC welcomes the frontline healthcare staff working under a variety of titles. Membership is open to all including, but not limited to, health unit coordinators, health unit coordinator educators, health unit coordinator supervisors, students of health unit coordinator programs, and persons either retired or taking an extended leave of absence from active practice in the profession.

Membership as an Institutional Provider of NAHUC is open to health care facilities and educational institutions. An Institutional Provider shall have the right to award contact hours on behalf of NAHUC for programs they present or directly sponsor.


The National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, Inc., is dedicated to promoting health unit coordinating as a profession through education and certification, complying with the NAHUC Standards of Practice, Standards of Education and Code of Ethics.

Vision Statement

To become nationally recognized as the standard of excellence in the provision of education and certification for the health unit coordinator profession within the health care industry.

Core Values

♦ Membership

♦ Education

♦ Certification

♦ Stewardship

NAHUC Board of Directors

Meet the team members and learn about what NAHUC means to them.

Sandy Ayres

Sandy Ayres

Acting President and Secretary/Treasurer

NAHUC works to promote health unit coordinating as a profession by offering education and networking opportunities throughout the year.  I love being part of this organization because it has increased my knowledge and skills, thus opening up doors at work.  I also have met some wonderful friends through NAHUC.

Tracy Stanley

Tracy Stanley

Vice President

I am involved with the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators because I have pride in my profession. Health Unit Coordinators are a unique group of healthcare professionals who keep our hospital nursing units running as smoothly as possible.  NAHUC provides continuing education opportunities to our members and non-members, as well as an annual education conference that allows us to gather and network with our peers, keep abreast of healthcare changes, and not to mention making new, lifelong friendships.

If you want to be involved in patient care but not directly hands on, then being a Health Unit Coordinator could be for you. Together let us make a difference. Join NAHUC today!

Camela Bates-Cole

Camela Bates-Cole

Communication Director

My name is Camela M. Bates-Cole and I have been involved with NAHUC since 2008. I was interested in the organization from the beginning. I am glad to be on the Board of Directors and contribute my input to make it better.

LaDina Todd

LaDina Todd

Membership Director

For members and certified Health Unit Coordinators, NAHUC (National Association of Health Unit Coordinators) is a professional organization. One that is by Health Unit Coordinators and the equivalent. Through our work in hospitals, as well as other medical facilities, we deliver service excellence to patients, families, and other health care staff through education and certification. If you care about service excellence and professionalism, there is no better organization to invest in, if you share our commitment to service excellence through education and certification, contact us.

Anita Mills

Anita Mills

Certification Board Director

The goal of the Certification Board is to maintain the national certification program for Health Unit Coordinators. As a certified health unit coordinator, you provide proof to your employer, health care professionals, and your peers that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge and skills in areas of health unit coordinating. Certification can be a source of recognition nationwide, an aid for career advancement, and a condition of employment. Recertification requires an on-going education component of a minimum of 36 hours every three years that shows one is staying abreast of the changes in the industry and actively participating in professional growth and development.

Linda Winslow

Linda Winslow

Education Board Director

I would like to encourage you to join the national association that supports your profession. National associations offer you networking opportunities with others who have chosen health unit coordinating. They provide you with information about what is new and changing in your profession as well as what is happening across the profession in various parts of our world. You have the opportunity to increase your knowledge through education activities and grow in your profession by gaining confidence to open those doors that are not as closed as you may have thought. Come join us as a member and see what is available to you to grow professionally.