Health Unit Coordinator Recognition Week

August 23-29

Health Unit Coordinator Week Products

How it all began…

Myrna LaFleur, who became the NAHUC founding president, invited several interested persons to meet with her in Phoenix, Arizona, on August 23, 1980, to discuss the formation of an association for health unit coordinators. This was the first meeting and resulted in selecting the name of the association.  Each year thereafter, August 23 has been declared Health Unit Coordinator Day by many mayors and governors nationwide, who issue proclamations declaring August 23 “Health Unit Coordinator Day”. Beginning in 2017, NAHUC expanded the recognition period to a full week: August 23-29.


  • Ink Pens with the NAHUC Logo are available for purchase year round.
  • A colorful 8.5 inch by 11 inch poster to promote H.U.C. Recognition Week. Printed on heavy coated paper. Designed by NAHUC member, Amer Elkhouly. Shipping to U.S. address is included in fee. Before ordering for international addresses, please contact the NAHUC office.
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Health Unit Coordinator Week Flyer

Download an informative flyer so everyone can join in the celebration of your profession.

Health Unit Coordinator Week Proclamation

  • Get involved! Write letters to to all of our elected officials to help with “Proclaiming August 23-29 as Health Unit Coordinator Week”.
  • Easy to follow guidelines and a sample letter are available.

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August 23-29

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  1. Patricia Baker

    I am so very proud of all HUC’s. I am a HUC by training and a member at large of NAHUC and to this day appreciate the valuable training and knowledge I learned and trained for back in the day. Though out of HUC work due to relocations and new fields of adventures that specific training and subsequent testing has given my a viable and life long career that has been more than satisfactory. Thank you all for your work and your continued efforts to promote a most valuable career asset for many. Congratulations and enjoy your 2022 HUC celebrations.


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