NAHUC Certification and Recertification

"A Story of Health Unit Coordinator Certification"

Certification The First Step: Inform

The first step is to inform yourself. Read the Health Unit Coordinator Certification Exam Candidate Handbook. An outline of the material to be tested, a list of study materials, and sample test questions are included in the candidate handbook. The exam questions are based on the certification exam content outline created from the national job task analysis.


The National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, Inc. (NAHUC) provides professional standards of practice, education and ethics for unit coordinators. In the ever-changing field of health care, how can we validate we are current? Certification is the answer. For more than 30 years, certification as a health unit coordinator by the NAHUC Certification Board provides proof to employers, other health care professionals and our customers that we have demonstrated the essential knowledge and skills in areas of health unit coordinating. Certification provides evidence that health unit coordinators are qualified and that the facility supports and encourages staff to continuously improve their performance.

Certification The Second Step: Study

NAHUC members get a discount on NAHUC modules and the exam. You have to join before ordering or registering to receive the discount.


  • The content outline of the exam lists all the topics where the test questions come from.
  • There is a list of study resources published in the exam candidate handbook.
  • NAHUC offers a 50-item practice test to assist you in assessing your current skill level and prepare for the exam.
  • NAHUC offers five learning modules in areas of the exam content.

Certification The Third Step: Register

Registration for the exam will completed online and instructions are published on page 2 inĀ  the Health Unit Coordinator Certification Exam Candidate Handbook.

Increased opportunity and availability to sit for the exam. There are two ways to take the exam.

  1. Take the exam under the supervision of an independent proctor. An independent proctor is a person who supervises the administration of a test or examination. A school or an employer can be an independent proctor for the health unit coordinator certification exam.
  2. Take the exam under the supervisor of a webcam proctor. Utilizing a webcam proctor gives you the convenience of taking the exam via your own computer in your own personal setting.


  • Certification is granted for three years. To maintain certification status, one must recertify during the third year following initial certification and every three years thereafter.
  • Recertification requires an on-going education component of a minimum of 36 hours every three years that shows one is staying abreast of the changes in the industry and actively participating in professional growth and development.

Recertification Manual and Application