NAHUC Contact Hour Quizzes

 NAHUC Contact Hour Quizzes are a continuing education opportunities for members and non-members who want to earn contact hours towards their recertification or learn more about a particular topic for their own professional development. Click on the link to download and follow the instructions listed on the quiz. 


Expires 02/28/2021

Worth 2.0 NAHUC contact hours


Expires 05/31/2021

Worth 2.0 NAHUC contact hours

Patient and Doctor

Expires 06/30/2021

Worth 2.0 NAHUC contact hours


Expires 08/31/2021

Worth 2.0 NAHUC contact hours

Conflict Mgt

Expires 11/30/2021

Worth 2.0 NAHUC contact hours

Write a Continuing Education Article or Quiz

 You can earn NAHUC contact hours for writing a continuing education article or a quiz. Must meet the guidelines as listed below.

Education Article Guidelines

Worth 12.0 NAHUC contact hours

Education Quiz Guidelines

Worth 6.0 NAHUC contact hours

Lending Library

You can earn contact hours by viewing or listening to a continuing education cd or dvd and answering post-test questions. Great way to plan a “lunch and learn” for a group or just to learn on your own.