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  1. Joanne Toth

    Due to the past two years of Covid and all that it entailed, many extra shifts and much more stress on the job , is NAHUC allowing any extra time for education credits if you are due for recert next year? I am not finding a lot of tests.


      Hi Joanne. Thank you for your question. NAHUC is always willing to work with the members and certified health unit coordinators and support you in your professional development journey. I will email you directly with more information. The good news is you have plenty of time to earn your contact hours before your expiration date. Remember, you receive the member newsletter four times a year with a free contact hour quiz worth 2.0 contact hours in every issue. Over a three year period, those add up to 24 of the 36 hours needed.

  2. Robin Daniels

    So sorry I’m couldn’t make the conference again. Have a great time. Stay safe and be blessed.


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